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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

W8 AIO Tool v1.0.0.1 (w8 activator)

- KMS Activation
  - Key insertion
  - One click activation
  - Leaves no traces
  - Includes servers, updated daily

- KMS Background activation
  - Constantly tries to activate your system in the background
  - Looks for and finds new KMS servers
  - Set the speed at which it searches and attempts

- KMS auto-activate service
  - Auto reactivates the system so that you never have to worry about it

- Activation backups
  - Backup and restore Windows 8 Activations
  - Backup and restore Office 2013 Activations

- Misc.
  - Metro inspired UI
  - Install Language packs
  - Disable Metro hotcorners
  - Remove overlay activation watermark
  - Permission fixer
  - Enable/Disable Hybrid Shutdown
  - Change bootloader
  - Phone activation dialog

Future features:

- Phone Activation Helper
  - Inserts key and guides you through Windows 8 phone activation

- Office Phone Activation Helper
  - Guides you through Microsoft Office 2013 phone activation

- Misc.
  - Block ads (System wide)
  - Disable Lockscreen


W8 activator [pass: 7pmtech.com]


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